Wayne resident almost old enough to get on list

By JERRY GUENTHER, Norfolk Daily News 

WAYNE – In about a week, Martha Krueger of Wayne will be old enough to make “The List.”The List refers to the “Roster of Living Nebraskans Age 107 or Above,” which is kept by the Nebraska Health Care AssociationMarlene Dahlkoetter of Carroll is a friend of Krueger. Dahlkoetter usually visits her at least once a week at Premier Estates, a senior living community in Wayne.She said Krueger was born Sept. 15, 1901, the oldest of three children born to German parents, August and Anna Krueger at Winside.As was the custom in those days, Krueger’s education ended before the sixth grade. 

Dahlkoetter said a small birthday party for invited guests will be held at Premier Estates on Sunday, Sept. 14. 

Krueger was baptized May 4, 1902, and confirmed in 1916 in German at the Lutheran Church in Winside. 

She never married and the only relative she has is a niece in Edmond, Okla., Dahlkoetter said. 

Krueger kept horses for many people in the Winside area. She remembers picking corn by hand with horses and wagon, and sometimes milked cows at some of the places she worked. 

She moved to Wayne and lived at the Villa Wayne for many years before moving to Premier Estates in 2004. 

She still enjoys playing bingo once a week. 

Relatives, health care professionals and others are invited to notify NHCA when someone with Nebraska connections reaches age 107. 

Three Northeast Nebraskans currently are on the list, Leona Adams Gleed of Madison County is 108. Lula Dunaway Lingenfelter of Pierce County and Mable Steiner Ragan of Boone County are 107.To check out the list of oldest Nebraskans, go to http://www.nehca.org/pdfs/Roster107.pdf on the Internet. 

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