Regional West prepares for Affordable Health Care Act with

With implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act looming on the horizon, Regional West Health Services along with hospitals nationwide is assessing the current dynamics of the health care industry.
On March 1 and 2, Regional West held a strategic planning retreat in Broomfield, Colo. The retreat was attended by representatives from the organization’s Health Services, Medical Center and Physicians Clinic boards as well as senior management staff. The facilitator was Dr. Jim Reinertsen, former CEO of health care systems based in Minnesota and Massachusetts and currently principal of a consulting firm based in Jackson, Wyo.
Presentations and discussions were largely educational in nature with the purpose of developing a common understanding of the present situation.
 “Some of the debate centered around innovative primary care strategies that could help secure Regional West’s future as an independent regional referral center,” said Dr. Todd Sorensen, president and CEO of Regional West Health Services. “We also discussed the possibilities for partnering in some way with insurance companies to better position for new payment mechanisms under national health care reform.”
Although no decisions were made, there did not appear to be any immediate interest in following the national trend described by Dr. Reinertsen of affiliation with larger hospitals or health systems. Topics discussed at this retreat will continue to be explored in various forums going forward.
 “One theme, however, was very clear throughout the retreat: Regional West is committed to continuing to provide safe, high qualityd and efficient care to the people of our market area. Any future decisions will be made within this context,” Sorensen said.
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