You control your own message

Chanell Jaramillo
Transpersonel Health director

How many times a day do you mentally bash your body? How often per day do you do the same to someone else’s body?
When time and energy are handed over to staring at the mirror, nit-picking your personal vehicle, what you’re really saying is, “I don’t accept myself.”
Now, you can justify this any way you’d like but no matter how you spin it, if you’re measuring yourself up, measuring someone else down or telling yourself you’re almost there, just do a little more. You’re not accepting who you are today in that moment.
There are several impressive reasons to love your body the way it is today and to help jump-start your body image. Here are a few good reasons why.
First, no one else has your body. Your body is distinct, and there is no other body like yours.
Second, no matter what you do or say, your body forgives you. Yes, it still takes you where you need and want to go. It still does the ridiculous two-hour gym sessions even though it knows it’s going to hurt tomorrow. It is always on your side no matter what you do to it.
Third, it is great at communicating. It is always talking to you and others. Listen to what it’s saying and look at what it¹s broadcasting to the world about how you treat it and feel about it.
Lastly, your body allows you to walk, run, jump, climb, reach, hold, hug, cuddle, dance, play, swim, throw, sit, stand, create and live. There is no feat it will not help you rise to accomplish.
Appreciate your body today, and thank it for allowing you to get out and seize every opportunity.
Chanell Jaramillo is the director of Transpersonal Health in Omaha and holds a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and certifications from accredited schools as a transformational life coach, master herbalist and holistic health practitioner.

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