Expert advice on staying stylish and on-budget year-round

(ARA) – The changing weather shouldn’t mean packing up your seasonal clothes or breaking the bank by shopping for completely new outfits you will wear for only a few months. Alison Deyette, nationally recognized lifestyle and personal style expert, explains how you can look and feel great by investing in classic items that will complement any wardrobe regardless of season, occasion and budget.

“Timeless, all-weather clothing and footwear are a must for everyone,” says Deyette. “Building a simple, core collection of closet staples, like a solid-colored pencil skirt, a tailored trench, black or neutral dress pants, a great pair of dark denim jeans and a tailored white blouse, offer versatility and flexibility throughout warm and cool weather months.”

Once you have a solid wardrobe foundation, Deyette recommends adding less expensive, yet chic and contemporary accessories including handbags, necklaces, earrings and belts as modern touches to your collection. To round out your look from top to bottom Deyette, a self-professed footwear fanatic, suggests purchasing smart, stylish and comfortable footwear to complement classic attire that can be worn for any occasion.

“Comfort should be a key consideration when buying men’s and women’s footwear. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort,” says Deyette. “It may be surprising to some that Crocs offers more than women’s and men’s sandals, as they also manufacture great looking shoes that come in classic designs such as sling-backs, flats, wedges and loafers. These shoes are very comfortable and affordable, and are perfect for any occasion you may be headed to – whether it be to the office, running errands or out to dinner with friends.”

Deyette is quick to point out that while black is often an obvious color choice for footwear, a fresh splash of color will spice up any outfit. “Color is an expression of you and how you feel. Therefore, it’s always in season and in style. Try a bright red, rich green or dark plum flat to add a bit of personal flair and style to a classic striped shirt or a solid dress, no matter the time of year.”

Deyette also advises that before you pack away clothes and shoes as a new season rolls in, check your closet for “hidden gems.” “I recommend people take a fresh look at what’s in their closet before storing a season’s clothes away. You might think that flowy dress is only wearable in the summer, but lightweight pieces are perfect year-round when paired with your favorite cardigan, a smart jacket or layered with tights,” suggests Deyette.

“Also, look for shirts, pants and fitted jackets that come in basic colors, as well as seasonless prints in blues, greens, reds or purples. These types of clothing are the workhorses of your closest. They can be worn in a variety of different ways for a range of occasions throughout the year,” says Deyette. “Such pieces are also great for layering and creating new looks.”

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